Investors in People South Africa

The shortage of skills in South Africa is a modern-day challenge, putting strain on the productivity of organisations, not to mention the economy at large. In an international survey of business leaders by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 82% of African leaders identified skills shortages as a threat to their growth potential. However, according to Gerald Seegers, HR Services Director at PwC,

“The most successful companies will combine recruitment with developing the people they already have.”

Implemented by government to upskill the South African workforce and now held solely and officially by Awakening Excellence, Investors in People South Africa has worked with over 200 organisations, helping to drive business forward through the achievement of people management excellence. In achieving the Standard, organisations like Sanlam Personal Finance, the City Lodge Group and the AdvTech Schools Group are among those within the Investors in People global community that are, and continue to be, internationally recognised for people management excellence.

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Investors in People South Africa supports the National Development Plan

According to former Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan, “we need to invest in infrastructure, raise productivity and diversify our economy to create jobs and raise living standards.”

The Minister continues, “Improving the quality of education and training is an essential foundation of a more productive and inclusive growth path”.

Investors in People aligns to this goal, through the encouragement of skills development programmes within organisations, promoting excellence through our work with South African clients based on sound best practice from around the world.

Awakening Excellence


Awakening Excellence was established over 10 years ago, from the belief that people have the resources within them to achieve their objectives.  We believe that, in accomplishing goals on an individual level, people are able to perform better and contribute more within a team or an organisation.

We enable people to achieve more, by helping them implement positive and sustainable practices in their lives – something we believe has a ripple effect on the organisations they contribute to, as well as the economy of our country as a whole.

Think of your organisation as a holistic living entity, with a soul & spirit, as well as a structure & bottom line; now imagine all that your organisation is capable of achieving when everyone works together to drive business forward. Our systematic and structured approach to helping organisations improve productivity allows for insight into performance improvement, profitability and productivity in ways that are measurable.

The Investors in People South Africa team of Specialists

The Investors in People South Africa team of Specialists