Investors in People: More than a logo

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Working with Investors in People is different; the Standard is the only one of its kind in South Africa and across the globe, and IiP accreditation is internationally recognised, but these are not the primary benefits of working with us.


Investors in People is an experience.

Organisations working with the Investors in People framework are afforded the opportunity to engage in a holistic experience – Mariam Sha, CEO of Investors in People South Africa, believes it to be “all-encompassing” when it comes to making meaningful impact on business.

“From the assessment we conduct, to the comprehensive feedback we provide and the process of regular review which helps Investors in People organisations maintain continuous improvement, working with IiP means we support businesses through every new and challenging step; we are more than just a name or a recognisable logo”.

“When organisations work with IiP, their objective should be to improve an aspect of business,” says Mariam; “the measure of success is not only the accreditation, which is a benchmark of people practices in the organisation, the measure of success both for us at IiPSA and the organisation working with us, is the achievement of business objectives.

When we engage with a client, one of the first questions we ask is “what do you wish to gain or achieve by working with the Investors in People Standard?” Once this is established we then recommended implementing aspects of the framework that would support the achievement of that objective.

Stakeholders (i.e clients, employees, the general public) experience something different and special as an Investors in People organisation; it’s the way employees interact with each other, the way they service customers, the way they feel about the organisation they are proud of being part of.

“We don’t just assess”
With so many different options available to organisations today, why do they choose Investors in People over other Standards? Mariam believes it’s because IiP is focused on business improvement.

“Our comprehensive report with recommendations for improvement and the advisory support we provide, build on the organisations strengths, and we walk the journey with our clients,” she says.

“We are different, because we don’t just assess, but provide ‘hand-holding’ support to help businesses improve.”
Working with a number of the Standards currently on the market tends to be an exercise in ticking boxes; the Investors in People Standard is, by design, a framework that allows for tailor-made approaches to achieving business objectives.
“IiP is holistic and all-encompassing”

However, working with the IiP Standard is also a great way to complement and build on elements of other Standards being implemented in the organisation.

According to Mariam, “ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) focuses on process, while the HR Standard focuses mainly on the competencies and strategy of the Human Resources Department.” From a purely business perspective, IiP is a way in which to collate the benefits gained from working with Standards like ISO and the HR Standard in order to achieve the overall objectives of the business.

“IiP brings process and strategies to life,” says Mariam; “as well as supporting organisations in creating a culture of engagement and high performance.”
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