Your IiP Journey

There is no set way to ‘do’ Investors in People. The key objective of working with Investors in People is to help your organisation find the route that best suits you and your organisation’s goals. Investors in People aims to ensure that areas which matter most to your organisation are addressed at a pace that fits in with the needs of both the organisation as well as its employees, by offering tailor-made solutions that work for you.

Your journeyMany organisations working with Investors in People South Africa refer to their “Investors in People journey”, a process which takes organisations through various stages with IiP. Put simply, and organisation that has already achieved the Investors in People Standard has different needs going forward to that of an organisation at the assessment stages of IiP, for example. The diagram below provides insight into the structure of an organisation’s Journey with Investors in People South Africa:

Keep in mind, the Investors in People framework has been developed and reviewed over the years in a way that allows for accessibility; organisations of any scale, in any sector and at any point of maturity can work towards achieving the Standard.

And with so many options of going about Your Journey, you may find that it helps to talk to one of our local specialists by contacting Investors in People South Africa. Specialists will be able to assist with ensuring that the best possible Investors in People Journey is mapped out for your organisation.

Organisations working with Investors in People South Africa have the advantage of seeking the advice and support of experienced and professional IiP specialists. Gain insight into new approaches to business, or have our specialists design practical solutions to help your organisation address developmental areas.

Organisations must first consult with Investors in People South Africa directly, after which organisations will be put in touch with a suitable specialist. You will then meet with them to agree the scope of support required as well as the fees.

One of the reasons why Investors in People has been so successful is because of the benefit that organisations gain from assessment.

The specialist assigned to you by Investors in People South Africa will discuss the focus of your assessment with you that best matches the priorities of your business. IiPSA will assess an organisation by taking a sample of people across all levels within the organisation to ensure that the results are a true representation. Depending on the size of the organisation, up to 12 people are interviewed per day through one-on-one and group assessments.

The assessment includes assessment planning, on-site interview days, report-writing and feedback (optional).

The assessment and feedback reports have been well-received by organisations, with 90% of organisations rating the assessment process as professional and fair, according to tracking studies carried out in 2009.

Assessments are the gateway to accreditation, the achievement of which earns the organisation the right to display the Investors in People logo on its letterhead and recruitment advertisements, as well as an Investors in People plaque.  There are also opportunities to work beyond the achievement of the Standard; organisations which meet additional evidence requirements from across the Investors in People Framework can achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation. More on Accreditation beyond the Standard follows.

The Standard

There are 39 evidence requirements which organisations are required to meet in order to achieve the Standard. Two of these requirements only need to be met by organisations with representative groups (unions and other groups which represent the interests of employees, for example).

Beyond the Standard

Organisations have three opportunities to celebrate further achievement, by the achievement of Bronze, Silver and Gold Investors in People accreditation.

IIP bronze
Achieve the Standard as well as 26 additional evidence requirements

IIP silver
Achieve the Standard plus 76 additional evidence requirements

IIP gold
Achieve the Standard plus 126 additional evidence requirements

Organisations working toward achieving accreditation beyond the Standard are encouraged to focus on those evidence requirements that most relevant to the key objectives and business needs as identified by your official IiP Specialist.

Bronze, Silver and gold accreditation celebrates an organisation’s additional achievements, and will be reflected in the certificate awarded to the organisation, as well as the logo and specially-made plaque the organisation will be entitled to display.

In order to retain status as an Investor in People, organisations need to be reviewed every three years (or more regularly, if organisations decide to) from the time of the last assessment/accreditation.

There has been in an increase in the number of employers opting to be reviewed on a more regular basis, rather than wait three years for the next assessment; organisations realise the value of regular review in terms of signposting the areas that need to be focused on or addressed in the following year.

Furthermore, in the current economic climate, organisations are beginning to comprehend the need for innovation and flexibility. This can affect the original business plan of an organisation, but also have an impact on management practices – objectives and goals are likely to change from one year to the next – and constant review in this case amounts to gaining and maintaining one’s edge as a business.

Investors in People centres round continuous improvement. By adopting this long-term approach to the Investors in People Journey, organisations can significantly improve performance over time.

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