Business Benefits of Investors in People

The Investors in People Standard is a business improvement tool designed to advance an organisation’s performance through its people.

The Investors in People Standard is the only Standard in the world that provides a framework for delivering business improvement through people. Investors in People provides a flexible framework, which any organisation can adapt for its own requirements and align with their current processes.

Proven bottom-line benefits

Investors in People has seen international growth, regarded in the UK as a leading Standard in people management and business improvement, and is fast gaining respect in South Africa as a framework that adds value to organisations, regardless of maturity, size, location or sector.

In South Africa over 153 organisations are accredited, with an additional 600 organisations working towards achieving the Standard.

Proving Investors in People WORKS

Recent research demonstrates that Investors in People improves financial performance, increases profitability and helps organisations meet their strategic objectives.

Managing change in a down-turn

UK CBI research undertaken in 2008 stated that “Investors in People is a particularly useful framework for organisations undergoing significant or rapid change”

Business Improvement focused

Whatever your business priorities, the Investor in People Framework can now be geared to ensure you get the best results against your business plan.

World class best practice

The Investors in People Framework has been developed over 20 years with some of the world’s leading organisations. Work with the Standard – the foundation of good management practice – or take a broader approach by opting to be tested against the full framework.

Continuous Development

Our specialists and self-check tools tell you how well you are performing, suggest key performance indicators and provide tailored business advice on where development-activity would be best-utilised.


Investors in People was borne from the recession of 1990, designed BY business FOR business. Our success lies in a voluntary framework that depends on organisations finding Investors in People an easy-to-use and flexible system.

A winning formula

In addition to helping organisations improve business performance, some customers also work with Investors in People South Africa to stand out amongst competitors, attract or retain the most talented people in the industry, or win new business.