Welcome to Investors in People South Africa

You are here, because you are a leader who recognises the vast potential inherent in your organisation. Whether that potential has brought about success worth celebrating, or the realisation that there may be areas for improvement, it’s what you will find at the very core of what Investors in People stands for.

For the organisation that prospers from implementing good people practices, dedicated to developing its people in the name of fulfilling organisational goals, Investors in People is a way to benchmark your success. The Investors in People logo represents a global Standard of best practice; displaying it on your organisation’s stationery, at the entrance of your building or on a flag flying at full mast next to it, is a reminder to everyone of your achievement of excellence.

In the same way, and for the reason it was established 20 years ago, Investors in People helps organisations fulfil that potential, by helping you develop an effective action plan, tailored to your business needs and objectives. Our trained specialists offer advice and support in helping you grow your business, improve productivity and increase profitability.

Join the global community of businesses committed to growth and development – browse through the Investors in People South Africa site to find out more.

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